Private Lesson > Indoors Peak Time


Private lessons out of the program

Between Thursday, Sep 28, 2023 - Thursday, May 23, 2024

One hour > Indoors Peak Time

Private lessons during the Fall/Winter season depend on the availability of the courts at the Fort Lee Racquet Club during the following times:

Monday to Friday, 4-11 pm
Saturday 8 am-11 pm
Sunday 8 am- 11 pm

Booking and Payment in Advance, before the lesson starts

Read Carefully:

  • We coach over Nov 1 ( no makeup)
  • Christmas Break: Dec 21-Jan 3 (Check winter camp link)
  • We Coach over President's Day weekend (no makeup)
  • We Coach Over any Holidays (no makeup)
  • Makeup lessons, last week of the program.