Ivan Krcelic

  • From Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Trained at the Tennis Point Academy in Buenos Aires
  • Competed in all division, Minor/Sub Minor & Youth Harrods, Gath & Chaves, Second Place Doubles vs. Final Lawn Tennis Club, and played futures series & Satellite
  • Played and trained with several top 100 ATP players from around the world
  • Focuses on positive psychology for kids in sports – improvement through creating a positive feedback cycle
  • Graduated with a degree in Business Administration from UCES. Buenos Aires- Argentina

Alvaro Merino

  • From Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Currently ranked #21 in USTA Eastern Region
  • Head Coach of Grace Church High School
  • Played for Ashford University and holds records for best singles and doubles performance
  • Former South American top junior player

Tennis Prime isn’t just a brand. It is the result of passion, sacrifice, hardwork and team work. We know what it is to be a junior competitive player and we know what it takes to reach the highest level of competition. Tennis Prime allows us to give our TPT (Tennis Prime Team) the best training possible to achieve great results. I’m going to make sure that our kids and juniors enjoy the process and reach their highest potential.

In addition to the above accolades, Ivan and AJ are the head coaches at Grace Church high school in New York City, further dedicating themselves to developing the skills of local youth.