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USTA Standards

What is the Youth Tennis Progression in 10 and Under Tennis?

USTA has designed a best-in-class system to track the progress of junior players, ages 7 to10 from orange ball to green ball and green ball to yellow ball. The system will track a player’s progress through participation in designated tournaments and Junior Team Tennis. Players will receive stars for completing tournaments. Trophies are also awarded for select tournaments.

The mission is to clear each level by collecting a combination of 20 virtual participation stars and/or achievement trophies.

The more they play and the more they improve their skills and clear each level, the more stars and trophies they accumulate.

Why Youth Progression?

In an effort to provide a clear and skill-based pathway for junior players to progress though the USTA tournament system, Youth Tennis Progression will be implemented Jan 1, 2017 for all 10 and Under players in USTA Southern.

The following are a few examples of the importance of Youth Tennis Progression for our young players:

  • Defined pathway
  • Level-based play
  • Goal-setting
  • Incentive to play
  • Skill development
  • Recognition
  • Affiliation
  • Connection

Where am I on the Progression?

The USTA Southern Grandfather Clause will place current USTA 10 and Under players in a Youth Tennis Progression level based on their past results. Players will receive a letter from their state indicating this initial level. More details are in Grandfather section below.

USTA Southern tracks both participation (stars) and achievement (trophies) for players who have a USTA membership.

Players and parents can easily track progress through the progression by logging on to the Player Profile Page. Enter the player’s USTA number and password to be directed to the player’s welcome screen. This screen will allow the player to access various items including his or her “Youth Tennis Progression Progress Report.” This will be available to Southern players beginning January 1, 2017.

Progress is displayed as “trophies” for achievement and “stars” for participation. This page helps players, parents and coaches track progress and find upcoming play opportunities that fit a player’s age and skill level.

Players must accumulate at least 20 stars and/or trophies to advance from level to level. Achievement trophies are awarded based on each state’s guidelines.


How Do I Get Started?

  • Players must be a minimum age of 7 years old to register for 10 and Under tagged Youth Tennis Progression tournaments.
  • On the first day of their 11th birthday month, players will automatically progress out of the system and into 12 and Under tournaments.
  • Before the age of 7, players can play in unlimited practice matches, Play Days, Junior Team Tennis and junior tournaments using the red ball.
  • Current players ages 6-10 who have been competing in tournament play will be grandfathered into the new Youth Tennis Progression based on their state singles points as outlined in the USTA Southern Grandfather Clause.

How Is JTT Included on the Progression?

  • 10s Advanced will use the green ball.
  • Junior Team Tennis is structured around Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner Levels and placement will be determined by using Junior Ratings, JNTRP Descriptions and the applicable 10U USTA Southern benchmark.
  • Players will receive Stars for JTT participation. Participation Stars for 10U players playing in a 10U division are automatically added to a players’ profile. If a 10U player participates in a 12U division of a Junior Team Tennis program, Participation Stars can be entered manually upon request. You can click here to submit the Participation Credit Request Form.

What is the Grandfather Clause?

The USTA Southern Grandfather Clause allows for current USTA 10 and Under players to be placed in a Youth Tennis Progression level based on their past results when the system begins on Jan 1, 2017. The clause reads as follows:

Players Competing in 10 and Under

If a player has a Southern Standing of 1-100 in the 10 and Under age division as of October 1, 2016, they will be initially placed into 10 and Under Green. Otherwise, players will be assigned the levels below based on their state points earned in the 10 and Under age group.

10s Points* 
Youth Tennis Progression Level
Orange 1
Orange 2

Players Competing in 10s and/or 12s

If a player has a top 300 Southern Standing in the 12s-18s division as of October 1, 2016, he/she will be initially placed into 12 and Under Yellow. Otherwise, players will be assigned the levels below based on their state points earned in the 10 and Under and 12 and Under age groups, and the highest Youth Tennis Progression level earned will be assessed.

10s Singles* Points
YTP Level
Orange 1
Orange 2
12s Singles Points*
YTP Level
Orange 1
Orange 2
*All “Points” refer to state points earned as of October 1, 2016

USTA Southern Youth Tennis Progression Appeal Policy

Players will contact their state Youth Tennis Progression staff member listed here to speak with them directly about Youth Tennis Progression in their state.