"We want to make it simple for everyone."

About Us

Simply, Tennis Prime’s goal is to work with children and kids from 5 – 17 that want to train, play in tournaments, and experience a fun and supportive community. 

We want to make it simple for everyone involved. We offer transportation, meals, world class training facilities, and top coaches that develop children’s habilities and, when ready (or by skill level), we enter kids into tournaments. This site gives details about our training packs and camp.

Email us and reach out anytime to discuss about the program and your child.


Tennis is an amazing game! However, it’s complicated for parents and kids to navigate the proper training and tournament paths, particularly in New York and New Jersey. We truly believe that tournament play is essential for children to develop as players, people, and competitors. To support this process, Tennis Prime provides the right tools to guide them along this path. This takes the pressure off parents and allows all of us to focus on the development of the kids. If we eliminate the barriers to playing this amazing game, then we will build a fun and supportive team environment which will create a very powerful, positive feedback loop.