Transportation Services to Tennis-Prime Camp: Ride in Comfort and Safety

Overview: Enjoy a hassle-free journey to Tennis-Prime Camp with our air-conditioned transportation services. Our convenient pickup locations in Hoboken and Jersey City ensure a smooth and comfortable ride to the Fort Lee Racquet Club.

Pickup Locations:

  • Hoboken Pickup: Located at 15th St & Washington St (corner), our Hoboken pickup spot offers easy Fort Lee Racquet Club access via the safe and well-lit River Rd route. Avoiding highways for convenience, our experienced driver ensures your safety throughout the journey.
  • Jersey City Pickup: Positioned at Paterson Plank Rd & New York Ave (corners), our Jersey City pickup location provides a convenient route to the campsite, prioritizing safety and convenience along the River Rd route. Pick-up is first in Jersey City; a drop-off is last in.


  • Limited Spaces: Secure your spot early, as transportation is limited to 12 people. Bookings are available for full-week campers only, not half-days.
  • Age Restriction: Children aged six years or older are permitted to ride the minibus for added safety.
  • No Booster Seats: Booster seats are not provided for children.
  • Single Pickup Point: Only two pickup points are available, and drop-offs are made along the River Rd route for your convenience.
  • Travel Duration: Expect a 35 to 45-minute drive, depending on traffic conditions.
  • LIFE 360 app: Tracks our mini-buses over the route in real time.
  • Drop-off Times:
    • Jersey City pickup: 8:00 AM; drop-off around 5:15 PM (subject to traffic conditions)
    • Hoboken pickup: 8:15 AM; drop-off between 4:30 - 4:45 PM (depending on traffic)


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